An Overview of Three Stamping Parts Inspection Methods by Stampings Manufacturers

   For Jirun, the stamping part manufacturer, its main products are automotive stamping parts and automotive parts. However, below, we mainly understand automotive stampings because of the limited space available. The automotive stampings, which belong to the category of stampings, have the necessity to understand the stampings in order to broaden the knowledge of the products and enhance the learning effect.

      1. Why stamping parts, including automotive stamping parts, will turn over and twisted?
      For this issue, Jirun, a stamping manufacturer, conducted a specific analysis and concluded that:
The phenomenon of turning and twisting of the stamped parts may be caused by the punching force, which causes the material on the concave mold surface to be excessively stretched, thereby causing the above phenomenon.
      2. Some inspection methods for stamping parts
      For stampings and automotive stampings, stampings manufacturers will perform some inspections after production to ensure product quality. So here are some of the commonly used ones.
      Oil inspection: Clean the outer surface of the stamped parts with a clean gauze first, then use a brush to evenly apply oil in one direction, taking care not to miss. After that, it was under the inspection of strong light, and the surface was checked to have defects such as pits and ripples.
      Visual inspection: This is very simple, visual inspection of personnel to check whether the stampings have appearance or macro defects.
      Inspection tool detection: It is through the inspection tool to test stamping parts. It should be noted that its operation should be carried out in accordance with the inspection instructions, and should not be violated.
      The above three inspection methods are more commonly used when we inspect stampings and automotive stampings, and their operation is not difficult. It is important to be able to identify potential or existing defects or problems in stamped parts in a timely manner through these methods. This can be solved in time and effectively so as not to affect its normal use or some other aspects. Avoid economic losses.

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Post time: Mar-20-2018
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