Forming process of hot pressing tank

1. Process principle of hot pressing tank
The method of solidifying and molding the composite billet is done by heating and pressing under the pressure of high temperature compressed gas in the hot pressing tank.
2. Technological characteristics of hot pressing tank
Advantages: uniform pressure inside the tank, uniform air temperature inside the tank, wide application scope, stable and reliable molding process.
Shortcomings: large investment, high cost
3. The composition of the hot pressing tank system
(1) tank body: inside and outside cylinder, heating and cooling device between inside and outside cylinder.
Requirements: the effective size inside the tank can at least meet the needs of the largest parts, and the maximum service temperature is below 60 C.
(2): the temperature in the tank is required to achieve tank the temperature is not higher than 5 DEG heating rate /min 1-8 degrees adjustable
The temperature in the tank can be determined according to the curing temperature and size of the resin system, usually in the two stage heating and thermostat process.
(3) cooling of autoclave: cooling process also has an important influence on the quality of composite materials.
Circulating water cooling, cooling rate 0.5-6 C /min adjustable
(4) the tank pressure: the pressure can reach 1.5-2.5MPa error is less than 0.05MPa
Set up safety and explosion-proof device
(5) vacuum system: in order to make the pressure inside the product reach the product and make the product tightly linked to the mold, there must be a vacuum between them.
There are multiple vacuum connectors to meet the molding process.
(6) control system: indicator and recording instrument equipped with temperature, pressure and vacuum.
Setting up a vacuum leak inspection device
Multi point temperature measurement (heat and exothermic reaction characteristics of composite materials) overtemperature and overpressure alarm device safety self-locking device

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