How to prolong the service life of the autoclave

How to prolong the service life of the autoclave
In order to prolong the service life of autoclave, we should pay attention to the following problems.
1. when the autoclave is installed, the sealing faces between the kettle covers should be avoided. The lid is carefully placed on the kettle body in a fixed position. When tightening the main nut, it must be tightened gradually according to diagonally and symmetrically. The force should be uniform and the lid of the kettle should not be allowed to tilt to one side.
The kettle body and the cauldron cover the line contact between the gasket or the cone and the line of the arc surface. By tightening the main nut, they compress each other to achieve a good sealing effect. When the nut is tightened, it is necessary to tighten the angular symmetry several times gradually, and do not allow the cauldron to tilt to one side so as to achieve good sealing effect and tighten the main nut. Shall not exceed the specified tightening torque 40~120N.M range to prevent the cover from being crushed or overloaded, and the seal face should be specially protected. Before each installation, the cover will be cleaned with a soft paper or cloth, and special attention should be paid to the sealing surface of the kettle body and the cauldron, and if the operation can be used in a reasonable way, tens of thousands can be used. Above, after the sealing surface is destroyed, the reprocessing and repairing party should be able to achieve good sealing performance. When the cauldron is disassembled, the sealing surface of the kettle should be lifted slowly to prevent the collision between the seal surface of the kettle body and the cauldron. If seal is made by gasket seal (tetrafluoroethylene, aluminum pad, copper pad, asbestos pad, etc.), the autoclave can achieve good sealing effect by tightening the main nut.
The 2. needle type valve line seal only needs to lightly rotate the needle and press the front cover tightly to achieve a good sealing effect.
The 3. controller should be placed on the operating table, the temperature of the working environment of the autoclave is 10-40 C, the relative humidity is less than 85%, and the conductive dust and corrosive gas are not contained in the surrounding medium.
4. positive and negative nut joint, only swirl positive and negative nut, two circular arc cover must not be relative swirling, high pressure kettle all nut joint parts have assembly, should be coated with lubricating oil.
5. check the movable parts and fixed contacts on the panel and back plate are normal, remove the upper cover, check whether the contact of the connector is loose, and whether the autoclave has damage or rust caused by bad transportation and storage.
6. the autoclave uses the revolving body of the hand plate to move the kettle to check whether the operation is flexible.
7. after the operation of the autoclave, it can be cooled naturally, cooled by water or cooled over the support. After the temperature drop, then release the pressure gas in the kettle, make the pressure drop to the normal pressure (the pressure meter shows zero), then the main nut symmetry equal loose, then unload the main nut, then carefully take off the cauldron cover and put it on the support.
8. after the installation of the equipment, through a certain amount of nitrogen pressure for 30 minutes, check the leakage, if found leakage, please use soap foam to find the pipe, pipe outlet leak point, find out after the gas tightened, again into the nitrogen pressure test, to ensure that no leakage after the normal work.
9. high pressure autoclave should be placed indoors. When it is equipped with a number of autoclave, it should be placed separately. Each operating room should have direct access to the outlet of the outdoor or passageway, and ensure that the equipment is well ventilated.
After each operation, the residue of the autoclave and the lid of the kettle should be removed. The main seal should be cleaned regularly and kept clean. It is not allowed to wipe with hard objects or rough surfaces.

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