The specific process of stamping production and its two common problems

        Stamping parts, in terms of production, have some specific knowledge and content, so we need to learn, understand and master them so that we can have a comprehensive and concrete understanding of stamping parts production and be able to The actual operation is very good so as to produce a good quality stamped part so that it has good performance.

          1. Steps and processes for production of stampings
          For stamping parts production, its specific steps and processes are mainly:
          Step one: According to the use of materials, and product structure, etc., to carry out the stamping parts deformation compensation reasonable and correct determination.
          Step 2: According to the determined compensation amount, the relevant mold design is performed, and then the semi-finished or finished product is stamped.
          Step 3: Perform further processing on the stamped semi-finished or finished product, mainly to check for defects, or some undesirable phenomena such as wrinkling, strains, and cracks. Also, whether the thickness of the finished product is uniform and whether its forming effect is good or not. If there are any problems, they should be resolved in time.
          2. Tapping and threading in the production of stampings
          For tapping and threading in the production of stamping parts, the aspects that will be involved are mainly internal thread and external thread.
          For the internal thread, the diameter of the drilled bottom hole and the depth are generally processed. For the bottom hole size, the size is mainly determined according to the thread specification. For the external thread, it is a thread cutter turning or a die threading. In addition, in this process, we should pay attention to some specific issues, such as the inconsistent dimensions and the failure of the thread gauge inspection.

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