What are the main features of a hot pressing tank?

The reason why the hot press can produce high quality products is because the pressure in the tank is uniform, because the pressure in the hot pressure tank is pressurized with compressed gas or inert gas or mixed gas. The pressure is equal to the normal pressure on the surface of the vacuum bag. It is formed and solidified under uniform pressure; the air temperature in the tank is uniform: the high speed cycle of heating or cooling the gas in the tank. The temperature of each point in the tank is basically the same. On the premise of reasonable die structure, the temperature difference of each point in the process of lifting and lifting of the components on the die can be guaranteed. Let’s share with you what are the main characteristics of autoclave.
1., SIEMENS automatic control system is adopted to save energy, save manpower and meet the needs of product performance.

The heat distribution in the 2. tanks is uniform and the pressure is constant.

3. is suitable for the curing of various kinds of composite materials.

4. the perfect pressure control, the molding effect is good.

5., autocontrol system of autoclave adopts PLC automatic control system, with accuracy of + 1-2 C.

6., the thermal insulation layer of hot pressing tank is made of aluminum silicate cotton, and the head is double-layer thermal insulation, plus the stainless steel outer lining has good thermal insulation effect.

7., there is a double safety interlock device for quick open door pressure vessels. Six layers of safety protection measures are adopted to ensure safety.

8. open door open door open door double safety chain. Synchronize alarm, close up, boost and depressurize after opening.
Carbon fiber hot pressing tank is mainly used for composite material, auto parts, sports goods, space materials, aircraft hatch doors, fairing, airborne radar cover, glass fiber, carbon fiber, wing, tail wing, partition board and so on.

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Post time: Mar-31-2018
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