What is the correct operation flow of the hot pressing tank?

One of the main advantages of hot pressing is that it is suitable for the production of a variety of materials, as long as the curing period, pressure and temperature can be produced in the limit range of the hot pressing tank. Another advantage is that it is more flexible and flexible for composite parts. As a result, the customers agree with each other. So what is the correct process of autoclave operation? It is also necessary for the manufacturer to introduce the instructions to you.
1., no operator can handle the handle, handwheel or press button and other related institutions at will.
2., operators must be familiar with the instruction manual, familiar with the location of operation handle, handwheel and button, and operate in prescribed sequence.
3., when the product enters the tank or at the end of the operation, operation procedures need to be closed.
(1.) press the button on the scene button box, track and bridge lifting button, and the track bridge will stop automatically when it rises.
(2.., press the button on the locale button box, “the door closes” button, and stop automatically when the tank door is in place.
(3.) press the button on the scene button to tighten the tank door, and stop automatically when the tank door is in place.
(4..) the handle of the safety device is raised up, and the handle is turned to be locked. (confirm the safety device is in place, the indicator light is on).
4., when the product is out of the tank or when the work is finished, the operation procedure needs to be opened.
(1.) after curing, check the status of all safety interlocking devices carefully.
(2. the pressure in the tank to zero pressure, the “safety device” handle “down” (because the equipment is different, the handle of the handle may be opposite, the concrete object) is in place, after the control of the gas source pipe, the residual pressure in the tank is zero, (the operating table “zero pressure finger” light) can be operated for the next step.
(3. press the spot button box “the door to loose” button, the door starts to turn loose, when the door to safety teeth position will automatically stop for 5 seconds, waiting for the release of gas inside the tank. Continue to press the “door to loose” button, and the door will automatically stop when it turns to the right place. (confirm the “pines in place” indicator light).s1

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